"Duceti-va si faceti ucenici din toate neamurile, botezandu-i in Numele Tatalui si al Fiului si al Sfantului Duh" Matei 28:19

Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Letter January- March

Prayer letter January- March 2011
Dear brothers and sisters,
We are back to Malawi, for 2 months now and we are happy
to be back with our brothers and sisters here. Our friends were
happy to see our new member of the family and wherever we
went, all were looking to see “mwana wachizungu”, the whites'
As family, we thank the Lord that we got used quickly again, after
we the special time we had in Romania. Salomeea seems to get
used well with the climate, and with the people here. We thank
the Lord that until now, He protected her from malaria, even if, in
the place where we are now are a lot of mosquitoes. For Samuel
was a hard period when we came to our new house and seeing
only empty rooms and unpainted walls, he was panicked and had
a strange behavior. He started to ask why we came here, that this
is not his country, and was very sad. The next day we started to
do his room, painting, arranging his books and toys. We are really
happy that starting school and seeing his new room, he got used
and happy. We are thankful for that. He really enjoys school, and
almost every day the teacher is rewarding him for reading well or
answering well the questions. We are thankful for those that had
a desire to help him with the school fees. We pray that the Lord
will provide money for the next term too. Pray together with us for
this and that Samuel will be saved and live for the Lord!Him and
also Loredana are passing through a difficult period,because of
and infection in the blood, a bacteria that creates weaknessin the
body. Samuel is still under treatment, but he doesn't eat very well
and is still weak. Sometime ago, we heard about many cases of
Bilhazia, a dangerous bacteria, that can be taken through water.
The diagnostic for Samuel is not yet sure, but after the treatment,
we will have to be tested for Bilhazia. Pray for Samuel and
Loredana, that they will feel better.
We are still in the rain season, but in the first 2 months didn't
rain so much, but starting with March it started the rains too. In
this period we couldn't be involved too much in the villages, but
we were able to visit some poor families, providing some food, in
this hard time of the year. We were also able to help some
schools with materials for teachers and pupils. With the help of
the Lord, we started building to classrooms for a village called
malakamu, where the children were studying in a grass room. In
this village we want to start to have a Bible Study, because we
saw the great need of this community. Through these 2
classrooms, we were able to get in this village were the majority
of them are Muslims, because they come from Yao tribe. During
the construction, Macphary and I are visiting people there and we
try to approach the people in this village. Pray together with us,
that the Lord will prepare the hearts of these people to reveice
the Gospel, and to be saved.

  The chief of the village was very happy to hear that we want to
be involved in the life of the community too. Last year we
organized a camp for children and youth, and we saw how many
young people and even the whole village came to hear the
Gospel. We are praying that the Bible Study we will start, will be a
great opportunity for that village to hear the Truth.

   Beginning with month of April, we want to start the second
project in another village, Kachika, a kindergarten and a cantine
for the orphans there. Because of the rains we couldn't get in that
village, because is 35km frim Zomba, the city where we live.
There the people are also waiting for us and they weekly call
Macphary to ask when we will be there. We pray that through this
feeding project and through education, to be able to approach
them with the Word of God.
We didn't start yet the groups of children and youth at our place,
but soon we will be able to start, because we prepare a place to
meet with them. On the street where we live are many children
and youth and they are impatient to start the meetings.
Pray for Loredana that the Lord will strengthen her in the body
and that she will be able to continue the children's work.
We enjoyed to see some fruits of our work, seeing the young
people that were trained to work with the children are now
involved in their own assemblies. Pray for these young people to
continue to take the Word of God from all their hearts and in all
his truth to the children and youth.
We want to close our letter here, but not before we thank you for
your faithfulness in your prayers and support. May the Lord bless
you and keep you close to Him!
In Him, the Marianciuc family
Emilian, Loredana, Samuel and Salomeea
from Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa
Some prayer requests:
- That the Lord will strengthen our bodies and especially
Samuel's and Loredana's, that are now sick.
- That the Lord will keep us from malaria, especially Salomeea
- That the Lord will give us wisdom and help us to take
decision according to His will
- for the people in the Malakamu and Kachioka villages, to
receive the Word of God
- for the orphan care and kindergarten in Kachioka village
- for Samuel at school and for the school fees for the next
- For helping the poor families and orphans

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